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Genshin Impact Anime Phone Case

Genshin Impact Anime Phone Case

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Product Description

1.  Genshin Impact High-Definition (HD) Precision Printing Phone Cases

   1)  About Genshin Impact, its most prominent feature is to better protect the camera, which enhances its ability to protect the phone like other phone cases do.

   2)  On HD printing, it is difficult to achieve for printers due to the Angle Eye's camera being higher than other cases. Therefore, the prints of its cases on the market are blurred. Nonetheless, we use Japanese Mimaki printing equipment, which has improved the printing process and already overcomes the challenge of printing in high definition.

   3)  Regarding precision, thanks to advancements in process, pigment overflow in printing won't occur around edges, corners and round holes of the camera, which is particularly unsightly.

   4)  About anti-fading, by giving the original phone case special treatment, we can prevent fading and strengthen the printing patterns.


Shopping instructions: The product is made of transparent materials. Due to the use of new inkjet technology, the frame font adopts color-changing fluorescent technology. It is normal that there will be color difference or no display under natural light. Some Samsung mobile phone cases are made of opaque and environmentally friendly liquid silicone material.

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